The megayacht Avanguardia

The Avanguardia, which means vanguard or front-runner in English, is a proposed high-concept mega-yacht that takes its name from the futuristic-looking control tower, which looks rather like a swan’s head. The Avanguardia is divided into five separate main decks and can comfortably carry 60 passengers. The propulsion system has been imagined as twin, fully electric side engines. But should more speed be needed, a central jet engine created by engineers at MTU and Rolls Royce in partnership will enable a cruising speed of approximately 18 knots – a considerable accomplishment for a 137-metre-long yacht!

Luxury megayacht Avanguardia

Inspired, albeit unknowingly, by a Japanese manga, the boat’s unique “swan head” functions well as a combination control tower and bridge to precisely manoeuvre the mega-yacht. But the swan’s elegant head and neck offer so much more than aesthetics. The “neck” is actually an extendable crane, which can lower the “head” into the water, at which point it reveals itself as an auxiliary 16 metre boat, which is fully functional and detachable. The extensible neck adds around 20 metres to the boat, giving it an overall length of 157 metres.

The rear decking contains a personal port in which two Jet Capsules can be stored until needed. Mr Lazzarini is also the Founder and CEO of the Jet Capsule S.r.l. company that already manufactures Jet Capsules on demand. There is an option to attach the two Jet Capsules to the main Avanguardia structure, so that they can provide auxiliary propulsion for the mega-yacht. Once attached to the main ship structure, the Jet Capsules begin to charge. Once the “head” boat is detached, the top part of the mega-yacht substitutes in as an auxiliary control tower. Of course, there is also a black version available!

You can read this and many more interesting reports in the Eat & Travel Magazine Autumn Edition 2020.

Photos © Lazzarini Designstudio

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