Conversation with Gabé Hirschowitz of Galerie Perrie aims to make a professionally curated collection of artwork and unique decor from around the globe available for anyone to purchase online with a simple click. Consequently, we individually select fresh, contemporary work from around the globe through our independent partners and present it for direct sale to our clients online.

Our hope is to expand the world of art collecting in an exciting, new way that gives everyone access to collecting some of the most cutting- edge work today. First and foremost, we value quality over quantity, and every object featured for purchase on our website has undergone a rigorous certification of its provenance and value to the private collector. Moreover, we only deal in originals and limited editions. While the cost of such works may be higher than that of mass-market reproductions, our focus on providing our clients with real value will never waver. Indeed, the efficiencies created through our unique online business model ensure that works purchased through us are sure to be at the lowest possible cost, passing on to our clients an almost automatic growth in value on their investments. Galerie Perrie also plans to debut pop-up art exhibits in the future.

Where did the name Galerie Perrie come from?
The name is inspired by Perry Street in New York’s West Village, where I lived for some time. I’ve always loved the name because it reminds me of one of the city’s most charming and beautiful neighbourhoods.

Who are some of your favourite artists and why?
There are so many talented emerging and wellknown artists, but I’ve always admired Mark Bradford. We met while I was working at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. He is extremely talented, kind and humble. His dedication to his work and philanthropic efforts are inspiring.

What are some emerging trends?
Genuine self-expression, which connects the personal to the communal and political, seems to be the prevailing emerging trend, not just in visual art but in literature and music as well. A whole generation of new younger artists are seeing their own lives in the world and the world in their lives in a brave new way. It’s really an exciting time that shows a collision between society and culture.

How did you come up with the idea for Galerie Perrie?
There’s nothing quite like helping clients acquire art that speaks to them. So, with Galerie Perrie I wanted to make this easier by providing an online platform that feels welcoming and accessible to everyone and make art collecting enjoyable. The underlying philosophy in all this, put simply, is to help anyone invest in the art they love. - professionally curated collection of artwork and unique decor

How did you become involved in UNICEF?
I joined the UNICEF Next Generation LA Steering Committee in 2014 after meeting with a founding member. I loved all the group’s members and was so impressed by the organisation’s mission and initiatives that I took on more and more responsibilities, attending UNICEF’s annual meetings in New York, and eventually, I founded the UNICEF Next Gen Art Party.

Favourite restaurants and bakeries in LA/NY?
There are so many! I love Il Cantinori in New York for dinner and Giorgio Baldi and Madeo in LA. Also, Belwood Bakery in Brentwood has the best blueberry-bran muffins and iced coffee!

Where do you dream of travelling next?

What’s next for you?
Right now, I’m managing’s Summer 2021 curated collection, while also laying the groundwork for our guest curator collaborations and pop-up art exhibits.

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Photos by Galerie Perrie

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