Dr König – The King of Health

Dr König – The King of Health: The Villa Stéphanie, the “House of Wellbeing” of the Brenner Park-Hotel & Spa in the historic spa town of Baden-Baden, is one of the best addresses for health and well-being in Europe. With a holistic approach it focuses on four different areas: beauty, detoxification and nutrition, emotional balance and medical care. As the medical director of the house, Dr Harry F. König is the man who knows the secrets to increased immunity and whole-body detoxification. International VIPs such as Victoria Beckham trust his expertise in holistic naturopathy to help them achieve greater health and wellbeing through the innovative and tailor-made programmes of the literal “King” of Health. Victoria and David Beckham recently visited Villa Stéphanie in late September. Dr König is a specialist in regeneration and detoxification treatments, organ-cell therapy and biological therapy of malignant diseases.

Dr König – VIPs trust his expertise

He completed his medical studies at the Free University of Berlin in 1990, during which time he studied naturopathy in both India and South Africa. Later he trained in homeopathy and acupuncture before founding his own practice in Baden-Baden in 1994. In 2008, a second practice followed at the Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, which became part of the Villa Stéphanie’s range of services when it opened in 2015. As a passionate sportsman, Dr König concentrates on the integration of traditional and modern healing methods as well as on the therapy of the musculoskeletal system through chiropractic and osteopathic treatment. He also holds diplomas in nutritional medicine, ortho-molecular medicine, acupuncture, sports medicine and environmental medicine and is also a trained biological cancer therapist. Dr König is a mentor for the Well-Aging® philosophy and co-founder of the curaSport® movement. In addition, he is a member of numerous professional organisations such as the Society for Biological Cancer Resistance, the German-American Academy for Osteopa-thy DAAO and the German Society for Experiential Medicine.

Those who make use of Dr König’s expertise can rely on his comprehensive knowledge and traditional as well as modern diagnostic techniques, from which he develops an individual treatment plan based on naturopathy. His areas of expertise include detoxification, regenerative treat-ments, orthomolecular therapy, biological therapy for malignant diseases, holistic therapies for degenerative joint and spinal diseases and orthopaedics. Based on over 25 years of experience, Dr König and his team of specialists have curated a number of highly effective programmes in the areas of weight loss, detoxi-fication, health and beauty, including his signature treatment of the same name, THE KINGS WAY, which includes a nine-night/ten-day liver detox and a weight loss cure. The latest additions, perfectly adapted to the world we currently live in, are the Immune Boost & Immune Care programmes.

Both programmes are designed to stimulate and strengthen the immune system and teach guests how to increase their wellbeing through dietary supplements, stress reduction and lifestyle changes. Each guest is assigned a personal “Immune Host” throughout their stay, who looks after the guest 24 hours a day and works with the team to put together an individual programme, including a special diet plan prepared by a nutritionist. Treatments include immune-boosting infu-sions with vitamin C, zinc and other homeopathic remedies, as well as ozone therapy, oxygen inhalation sessions and lymphatic massages. In addition, there are personal training sessions and fitness activities such as aqua gymnastics, yoga, Qi Gong, power workout, Nordic walking and hiking, for which the excellent location of Villa Stéphanie directly on the Black Forest can be used. There is also a 10,062 hectare, gently hilly national park with a varied landscape, with an enormous variety of flora and fauna, more than 1000 hiking and cycling paths and ten beautiful lakes.

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