The ultra-luxury high-rise Eden Singapore is a ‘City in a Garden’

Biophilia sounds like a weird, rather niche, preference, but it in fact breaks down into liking life or nature. It has long been known that having access to green spaces can help people to manage their mental health as it encourages exercise and sociability and more. So it will come as no surprise to learn that biophilic living is bringing some much-needed greenery into concrete urban landscapes previously devoid of natural colour and life. Noted designer and biophile Thomas Heatherwick has long been associated with such projects and EDEN Singapore is his first finished residential project, and his second outing in Singapore.

With more people aware of their housing situation following the near global lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and many wealthy people flocking to Singapore to invest in real estate and enjoy the high luxury standard of living available in the country, Heatherwick’s new EDEN Singapore project looks set for success. It is a beautiful merger of urban opulence and architectural biophilia and it is known as EDEN Singapore. In a highly desirable residential area better know for its glass and steel towers, this high rise block is green, burst-ing with plant life and all the more inviting for it. It summons recollections of Singapore’s City in a Garden, and looks set to become one of the iconic buildings of the twenty-first century. The development company behind EDEN Singapore is Swire Properties, whose portfolio of luxury buildings across Hong Kong and mainland China (including one unit (OPUS) that sold for a record-breaking US$55 million!)

Living in luxury at Eden Singapore

Swires, together with Heatherwick, are aiming to produce a 22-floor, super-luxury residential building based on the premises mentioned above: that wellness (both physical and mental) is enhanced with the exposure to nature, in the form of green plant life, and can even lead to a longer, happier and more contented life. With EDEN Singapore, Swires and Heatherwick aim to produce ultra-luxury homes where the super-wealthy can live and work without feeling cramped or in need of escape to a country house. This will happen as the building’s design incorporates a plethora of plant life that will grow down the sides of the building, easily visible and accessible to the residents who can thus enjoy both the technological and modern marvels of Singapore and all the benefits of a countryside residence, surrounded by the tranquil growth of climbing and flowering plants, complete with its air purifying factors, natural noise absorption and a sense of peace that comes from being at one with nature.

The award-winning and decorated designer, who has already worked on a number of biophilic projects as well as the 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony cauldron and the immense sculpture B of the Bang, has incorporated 20 generously-sized freehold apartments, one per floor, in EDEN Singapore. Heatherwick has placed the service areas and the bedrooms on the outside edge of the building, consolidating the living areas in the middle of the building, where the profuse greenery is best appreciated. The plants – tropical exotics – are placed in the balconies that can be found on three of the four sides of the windows, which open fully to allow air to circulate and offer exquisite, plant framed views across the city – and all this with perfect privacy.

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Photos © Hufton + Crow

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