Eleven Madison Park with vegan dishes

New York City’s Eleven Madison Park will open its doors to diners once more in June. The restaurant’s globally renowned head chef, Daniel Humm, stated that after 15 months of enforced closure, Eleven Madison Park would start to admit indoor diners once more having temporarily operated as a luxury takeaway dining experience during the pandemic. Situated in the heart of Manhattan’s Flatiron District, Eleven Madison Park restaurant will shift to an entirely plant-based menu when it reopens.

Eleven Madison Park with vegan dishes

Humm, who is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading and most innovative chefs, said that the new Eleven Madison Park vegan menu would focus on fruits, legumes, fungi and grains as well as a great many more ingredients that are derived from the sea. Already noted for its exceptional cuisine, the restaurant was voted as the best in the world in 2017 and is rated with no fewer than three Michelin stars. The shift to a solely vegan menu is consequently being seen by some as a bold move that could lead the way other fine dining restaurants in New York follow.

According to Humm, the idea of adopting a fully vegan menu came to him during the enforced closure. “We began to imagine what the restaurant would be like after the pandemic,” he said. “It was becoming clearer that the current food system is simply not sustainable,” he added. With this in mind, Humm began to think about dishes that would be built around carefully prepared vegetables as their centrepiece. Humm reckons that the move will see no discernible drop in the quality of the restaurant’s food. He said that his team promised themselves that they would only change the direction of their dishes if the overall dining experience continued to be as memorable as it had been before Eleven Madison Park temporarily shut.

The restaurant’s staff have been busy working on plant-based milk, butter and creams to add depth of flavour to their haute cuisine dishes. Indeed, Humm has also stated that his team’s work on broths and fermentation have led to high-quality results. According to him, Eleven Madison Park, the restaurant will reinvent what fine dining can mean to people. “It is a risk worth taking,” he said.

Photos Restaurant © Eleven Madison Park
Photo Daniel Humm © Sebastian Nevols

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