The Sky is the limit – Extreme Fitness Retreat

Extreme sports fans listen up: Aman challenges guests with new multi-day Extreme Fitness Retreats throughout the year. From the Moroccan Agafay Desert to the snow-capped peaks of Italy, starting from the dramatic landscapes that surround each resort, adventurous guests embark on a programme of carefully selected outdoor activities that allow them to enjoy the healing qualities of nature and challenge the limits of their mental and physical endurance.

Extreme Fitness Retreat with Aman Hotels

Extreme Desert & Mountain Sports Retreat

Located just outside the fabled red city of Marrakech, Amanjena is a verdant oasis of palm and olive trees. In October, the resort offers a four-night Extreme Desert and Mountain Sports Retreat, where guests experience the tranquil surroundings, the beautiful Agafay Desert and the snow-capped peaks of the Atlas Mountains. Each day of the retreat offers new challenges: a long-distance run in the desert, a 60-mile mountain bike excursion or a mountain trail run, each led by experts. The follow-up wellness treatment at the Aman Spa and a visit to the marble-clad Hamman allow muscles and mind alike to find soothing relaxation. Throughout the retreat, guests enjoy culinary highlights with a customised nutrition plan that provides extreme athletes with new energy and strength with plenty of balanced carbohydrates and nutrients.

Bookable from 15-31 October

Since 2021, the legendary Amangiri Hotel has been offering the Cave Peak Stairway, a unique installation that rises 122 metres above the ground and reveals fascinating views over the Colorado Plateau. Accessible from the resort’s existing Cave Peak Via Ferrata Trail, the 120-step stairway is suitable for those looking for a special thrill. With an unsurpassed vertical ascent route, a spectacular location and a summit visible from the resort, an exhilarating adventure with fabulous panoramic views awaits.

Extreme Mountain Sports Retreat / Extreme Rock-Climbing Retreat

Located in the picturesque village of San Cassiano in the heart of the Dolomites, a Unesco World Heritage Site, Rosa Alpina offers an Extreme Mountain Sports Retreat and an Extreme Rock Climbing Retreat during the summer season. The two new six-night retreats invite guests to explore the dramatic valleys and majestic peaks of the surrounding area by hiking, biking or climbing. While the Extreme Mountain Sports Retreat offers a challenging skyrunning excursion at high altitude and a mountain biking experience, the Extreme Rock Climbing Retreat includes climbing trips for experienced experts on the region’s many famous rock formations. With professional mountain guides leading each excursion during the retreat, guests can enjoy adrenaline-pumping challenges amidst the dramatic rocky peaks, flower-filled grasslands and green larch forests that characterise the Italian mountain region.

Both retreats include a daily morning yoga or stretching class, as well as a daily extreme fitness activity – be it a skyrunning half marathon, rock climbing, via ferrata, mountain bike tour, hike or triathlon. Rest and relaxation can be found afterwards with a complimentary well-being treatment in the hotel’s spa. Guests can explore extreme culinary heights in the St. Hubertus restaurant, which has been awarded three Michelin stars and is headed by chef Norbert Niederkofler.

Every June-October

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Photos by AMAN & Rosa Alpina

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