Heidelberg Castle – Hotspot of fine taste

The famous Heidelberg Castle is not only worth a cultural, but also a culinary journey. For many centuries, the Heidelberg castle ruins have been considered the epitome of beauty and romance. In this wonderful place, star chef Martin Scharff invites you to his uncomplicated taste cuisine in the historic rooms of the “Schlossweinstube”. A trip to Heidelberg Castle is also a journey to the roots of fine taste – regional and cosmopolitan – seasonal and creative. And every day.

Heidelberg Castle with star cuisine

But if you have a very special day to celebrate, you can have your celebration staged in the King’s Hall by the Heidelberg Castle Gastronomy team. Or invite the company to the opulently decorated Ottheinrichsbau. On the other hand, you can celebrate in the old masters’ room in the historic bakehouse with traditional Baden cuisine. One thing is certain: Anyone who has ever experienced the magic of this place will never forget it.

Further information is available at www.heidelberger-schloss-gastronomie.de
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Photos © Heidelberger Schloss

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