Flavoursome Tour of Paris at Hotel de Crillon

Overlooking the Place de la Concorde, the Hotel de Crillon is one of the most iconic and luxurious hotels in Paris. Part of Rosewood Hotels Group, the five-star establishment recently announced that it would be reopening to guests after it had been shut due to France’s nationwide coronavirus measures. To mark the occasion – and to give regulars something a little bit different to tempt them back – the bar manager at the Hotel de Crillon decided to launch a new cocktail menu.

Bar Les Ambassadeurs is synonymous with style, sophistication and, perhaps above all, classy cocktails. This chic establishment, which is located within the Hotel de Crillon itself, has a long-established name as a place to venture for a well-made cocktail or two in the French capital. However, with the re-emergence of Parisian nightlife on the cards, so the Hotel de Crillon has decided now is the time to up its game. According to the hotel, its famous cocktail bar has been reimagined to keep to the ‘sense of place’ philosophy that runs throughout the entire hotel group. Consequently, the new cocktail menu will combine what the management team refer to as ‘the art of mixology’ with some of Paris’ world-renowned street artists. After all, artists have plied their trade in numerous quarters of the city for many decades.

To mark the reopening of the Hotel de Crillon, the bar will now tempt guests in an entirely new way. The mixology of mixed drinks will be blended with an innovative focus on some of the lesser-known districts of the city. This is why the bar has spiced up its cocktail menu with so much art drawn from different neighbourhoods. The menu will feature a kind of street map which invites you to tour around Paris from the bar’s comfortable surroundings. The idea is that certain flavours to be found on the cocktail menu will represent the city’s neighbourhoods as well as their lesser-known art treasures.

Explore the Art of Mixology at the Hotel de Crillon

Whether it is a woody/spicy flavour that is evoked by a certain cocktail or a fruity/floral tone that is detected, the new cocktail menu is supposed to create a sensation for the palate that means much more of the city can be enjoyed. From its central location, not far from the banks of the Seine, few would argue with the concept. After all, the menu’s signature drinks, which have been inspired by some extraordinary places and works of art, offer the chance to enjoy something entirely new without once having to leave the hotel.


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Photos by Hôtel de Crillon, A Rosewood Hotel

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