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Walking in the footsteps of wild alley cats in Vietnam, going on an artistic exploration tour in Tokyo or exploring the five rules of life of Buddhism together with Abbot Sengdao Santikaro – Aman enriches its guests this year anew with unforgettable experiences.

Travel with senses with AMAN Hotels

Where the jungle meets the crystal clear waters of Vinh Hy Bay in Nui Chua National Park, Amanoi is the starting point for all kinds of adventures in nature as well as a retreat for those who appreciate a moment of “Aman”, meaning “peace”. The unique microclimate makes the immediate surroundings of the resort one of the most biodiverse areas on earth – both on land and sea. The guests of the Amanoi 2020 can discover its rich variety of facets through a series of experiences and hikes on new paths. From October 11th to the 17th, Buddhist Master and Spiritual Director Geshe YongDong (Geshe La) will be guiding guests on a journey to spiritual richness and lasting inner peace.

Aman Tokyo celebrates its fifth anniversary in 2020. Two new unique travel experiences are on the agenda for the occasion in this urban oasis in the heart of Tokyo, featuring award-winning restaurants, some of the finest views of the capital and a spacious Aman Spa. On the Art Journey, guests will gain unparalleled insights into selected galleries and exhibitions in the city, while taking a stroll through the bookstores, cafés and restaurants associated with Tokyo’s vibrant art scene. A personal driver and an art expert will be on hand to take guests on their tour. The tour stops include The National Art Center Tokyo and the Mori Art Museum, as well as a number of more exclusive art collections such as those of the Tomio Koyama Gallery in Roppongi. Opened in 1996, the gallery puts the works of emerging and established artists from Japan and around the world in the spotlight. Those who wish to purchase works of art can also be assisted by Aman Tokyo on request.

In the new Buddhist Learning Centre of the Amantaka in Luang Prabang, the spiritual capital of Laos, guests can now deepen their knowledge of Buddhism. Here, at the foot of the sacred Mount Phousi, surrounded by the golden spires of age-old temples, visitors are immersed not only in the peaceful atmosphere of a green retreat, but also in the teaching and practice of Buddhism. In daily, private courses under the teaching of Abbot Sengdao Santikaro, they can explore the five rules of life of Buddhism and learn how to draw new energy through meditation and be in the moment. Sombath Watsiphoutthabat, a high-ranking Buddhist monk, also offers an authentic insight into his life and religion in a personalized tour of the Wat Siphoutthabath Temple. When the morning dawns, guests will also get the opportunity to give alms to the 70 monks who pass the entrance of the Amantaka on their daily route.

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