VIVAMAYR – Active Detox, Stress Control and Immune Boost

VIVAMAYR is now expanding its range of products with the three main therapies Active Detox, Stress Control and Immune Boost. With these three tailor-made programmes, the Austrian expert in Modern Mayr Medicine provides targeted answers to the current sharp increase in demand for strengthening these three health areas. In this way, it helps patients, especially in the present time, to regenerate and strengthen themselves in order to face the coming challenges with confidence.

VIVAMAYR – effect of Modern Mayr Medicine

The three main areas have been carefully selected and are strongly related to a proven, positive effect of Modern Mayr Medicine. The well-known VIVAMAYR services around the topics of gastro-intestinal health form the basis of the new programmes. Each programme starts with an in-depth analysis of the specific health situation. The contents of all three programmes are based on recognised medical thera-py methods and special, tested treatment methods which VIVAMAYR has developed over several years. The positive effect of the therapies used has been proven by various medical studies.

ACTIVE DETOX programme
The programme aims to detoxify the body and mind and thereby improve the performance of the entire organism in all its functions. It helps the body to deal with harmful substances more effectively, rebuilds lost performance and increases general well-being and body energy. The body of each participant in the programme will thank them for this extensive detoxification with a vital, fit and energised attitude to life – freed from fatigue and listlessness. The positive consequences also include improved elimination function, better mobility and improved respiratory function and vital capacity.

The programme aims to improve stress management and increase resilience. It helps the body deal with stress situations more effectively, builds up necessary stress reserves and teaches proven mental stress management techniques. By completing the programme, the guest feels a mental and physical strengthening afterwards. They feel clear, resilient and energised. They can once again confidently cope with the coming challenges and have developed strategies to distance themselves from old stresses. They have learned to be attentive to their own needs and are ready for new challenges.

IMMUNE BOOST programme
The programme aims to strengthen and activate the body’s own immune system. It helps the body to react more effectively to viral, bacterial and parasitic threats and makes it more resistant to infectious diseases. The result is a significantly lower susceptibility to viral, bacterial and parasitic infections, a vital body feeling and the motivation towards a healthier lifestyle after therapy.

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