Zero star hotel with butler service

The only star is you! Extraordinary overnight accommodation is booming, such as a night in a hayloft. Signature suites are a hit in city hotels and luxury hostels. And for a relaxing time out with wellness and sports, you will find a series of tips for apartments with a private Jacuzzi and infinity pool in the relevant catalogues. What is striking about these concepts is that it always has to be a little more. Larger pool, more food, king size bed and panoramic glazing instead of a window, soundproofed of course. The now seven Null-Sterne-Hotels in Switzerland and Liechtenstein offer a double bed on a floor that is pleasant for the feet, two bedside lamps and a carafe of water for washing in the evening as a substitute for the marble bathroom. No flat screen TV, no air conditioning and the almost standard Nespresso machine is missing as well. And on top of this, guests will also find the walls and roof missing – these are taken care of by nature.

Zero star hotel offers overnight stays in extraordinary places

As an artistic project, this hotel has no bricks and mortar. This means that the guest experiences nature at closer quarters than is even possible when camping. For this purpose, the makers have set up the beds for two in extraordinary places, surrounded by nothing more than a uniquely beautiful landscape. There aren’t even any fences, which means there may well be cows visiting at night. If you choose one of these seven unusual hotels with zero stars and only one room, the butler will escort you to the bed and uncover it for you. He will also be happy to serve you a glass of wine and in the morning he will greet you with a sumptuous filled breakfast basket.

If you think that you’ll be able to book one of the rooms in a 0-star hotel in Switzerland at a bargain price, you’re sorely mistaken. The forerunner of this project was the zero-star overnight accommodation in a bunker in Sevelen, Switzerland, near St. Gallen. There, up to 18 euros had to be paid for the experience of sleeping underground in a windowless room. There was also a shower and toilet.

In the opinion of the operators, this overnight accommodation fee was insufficient and reduced the artistic value of the project. Without further ado, the prices were increased, especially since the zero star hotel redefines luxury, they say. The triumvirate proved to be just as innovative, as you have to pay around 230 euros for a night in a zero star hotel in Switzerland; including a starry sky, Alpine panorama, butler service and breakfast basket in bed. There appears to be a need to consciously go without but in an extraordinary ambience. The rooms in the non-star hotels in Switzerland and Liechtenstein are fully booked until the end of the summer and there is already a waiting list for the coming year.

You can read this and many more interesting reports in the Eat & Travel Magazine Summer Edition 2020.

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